About me

I am a former (now current again) Amiga owner, having owned the original A1000 and moving to the A2000, A3000 and finally the A4000.  I’ve had various hardware addons from RTG graphic cards, sound digitizers, Video Toasters and Ethernet boards. Years after selling off all my systems, and just late 2015, after playing with Amiga emulation (WinUAE), I read about Amithlon and wanted to find out more about it.  It is still today the absolutely fastest Amiga emulation you can find.  It benefits from dropping support for the custom chips and giving you a blisteringly fast AmigaOS system running on RTG graphics and AHI audio.  Since discovering Amithlon I worked on creating an easy way to install this awesome software with my own guide so that others may have a chance to experience Amithlon.  I then started investigating the boot kernel Amithlon uses and was able to compile from source the work of Milan and reproduce his “kernel4” kernel.  I put together another guide on this to hopefully get some skilled Linux devs/users to advance the kernel above its base.

Personally I’ve been interested in computers and technology as long as I can remember.  I grew up watching re-runs of Star Trek (the original) , Lost in Space and Space 1999.  While space travel didn’t become a common household ability, owning a computer did.  The Commodore 64 was my first computer with the 1702 monitor and tape drive, thankfully replaced with a 1541 floppy drive.  Coupled with a 300 baud modem, my C64 hit Compuserve and numerous local BBS’s. This continued up through the “big box” Amiga’s with the A1000, A2000, A3000 and A4000.  Eventually the PC entered (I wanted to play Descent) and from there I  eventually started working in the PC technology industry.   Other than computers I have a brown belt in Shuri-ryu Karate, play guitar in a “mostly” 80’s cover band and co-founded the 501st, a Star Wars costuming group with members all over the world.



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