Back to nVidia FX5200

I swapped out the Matrox G550 PCIe card, going back to the nVidia FX5200 PCI card. Main reason would be it is significantly faster and I’ve been spoiled with starting with nVidia cards when I first began working with Amithlon. The nVidia cards seem to have the highest level of hardware accelerated features, besting the Matrox in SysSpeed’s graphics test sometimes 12x faster. Typically it’s 1.x to 2.x faster overall, a few 3x and higher. The Matrox did win a few, I would assume from running on the PCIe bus. The second reason would be Matrox cards are limited to 4mb for Picasso96 while the nVidia card presents 16 mb. This allows higher resolution/higher color depth screen modes.

I am generating SysSpeed “modules” for the cards I’m testing, running 800×600 in 8/16/32 bit color screenmodes. I’ll post the modules soon, adding my A4000T with CyberVision 64/3D as a comparison base.

I’ve used nVidia FX5200 64mb, FX5200 128mb, FX5200 256mb and a FX5500 256mb cards, the 256mb FX5200 showing the fastest results. The 128mb card failed to initialize the framebuffer once loadlin was run (open framebuffer… such device) and surprisingly the FX5500 was much slower than the FX5200.

MultiFileSystem (mfs21.lha)

Using the Catweasel and having mountlist for Amiga DD, Amiga HD, PC DD and PC HD, if all were mounted and you put in a floppy….you would have the disk icon for the mounted drive and also, if for example it was an Amiga HD disk, PD1:??, PH1:?? and TD1:?? icons showing.

I installed MultiFileSystem and moved my TD1 and TH1 mountlist into the DF0 folder it created in Devs:DosDrivers.   A reboot brought up a few errors, nothing serious, and low and behold….putting an Amiga HD disk in popped up the icon for it and nothing else.  Doing an “info” showed the mounted volumes….and now it’s DF0: as the mounted name!  So any floppy inserted will show up as DF0:.

The errors I mentioned…..MultiFileSystem scans Devs:DosDrivers and there was a folder for AmigaXL with it’s CD0 mountlist…I just needed to drag that folder over to Storage/DosDrivers so it wouldn’t be mounted.  I had already moved the Amithlon CD0 mountlist to WBStartup as I perfer the CD icon to be mounted after my disk partitions, so the CD icon doesn’t push the partitions out of order if I leave a CD in the drive during boot/reboot.