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Kernel Starter Guide

I’ve pulled Milan’s source code to his Amithlon “kernel4” based on Linux- tree and was able to successfully compile it.  I’ve created this starter guide so that it may get others working on the kernel and maybe one day bringing it up to at least version 2.6.x.


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  1. Chris Perver says:

    I followed your guide, and was able to compile a kernel, but when I try it out in the ISO it just says “corrupted or incorrect kernel” when booting. I think I must have some settings wrong. I have an Athlon 64 and a Radeon 9550 that I am trying to get to work with it.
    I have looked at the latest Linux kernel tree, I see there have been a lot of changes to the structure since Amithlon was made. I imagine it would be a lot of work to try and put the changes into an up to date kernel now?

    • snkbitten says:

      Did you copy the .config file and/or make any changes to it before compiling? It is very very picky on what is compiled in. I’ve made different compiles for different hardware (specific settings on Nic, Sound and Video) with no issues.

  2. snkbitten says:

    A few extremely more capable people than me have looked at updating the Amithlon changes in to the new(er) kernel base but it’s a huge task with no documentation to assist. Make sure your .config file is correctly configured (make config) as Amithlon is extremely picky about settings. I’ve had a number of people successfully compile the kernel following the guide. I’m using the kernel I compiled on my Amithlon system as it allowed me to no longer need to load modules (network) as I compiled it in the kernel itself for what card I have.

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