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New kernel4 module for RTL8111 based cards

Nothing spectacular but for those of you with the common RTL-8111 motherboard NIC (10/100/1000) this is a very nice addition. Doing some linux investigating we’ve found a 2.4 kernel module for the RTL8111 series chips, common on motherboards (10/100/1000 nic). … Continue reading

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I replaced the kickstart in Amithlon with a stock A500/A2000 3.1 kickstart.  The system booted just fine and runs with no issues that I’ve noticed so far.  It looks like only exec is different between the two.  I’m going to … Continue reading

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Compiling guide for Amithlon kernel4 using Ubuntu 5.10

Okay, this is a much easier process to setup a compiling environment in Virtualbox to build the Amithlon kernel based off Milan’s Kernel 4 tree. Compiling guide using Ubunto 5.10

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Soon, new kernel compiling guide based on Ubuntu

I’m working on a new guide for compiling the kernel using an older Ubuntu distro, though it’s newer than the previous guide using a really old Centos distro. It seems to be a quicker and easier setup as well and … Continue reading

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