Installation Guide

Amithlon Installation Guide (Part 1)

Guide to installing Amithlon on your x86 PC using a DOS boot partition/drive and an Amiga partition/drive.

This guide covers creating the partitions, installing AmigaOS 3.9, patching, AHI audio and USB with Poseidon/ArakAttack.

Amithlon Installation Guide (Part 2)

Part 2 of the installation guide, this covers using kernel 4 and it’s module drivers as well as installing Genesis from the AmigaOS XL CD and basic configuration.  This guide is still in progress but the above is made available.  I will be adding using Picasso96Mode for hardware accelerated cards to get high resolution/color depth screens (1920x1080x32 bit)

Picasso96Mode use for supported (hardware accelerated) graphic cards has been added to the Installation Guide Part 2.

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