Amithlon 3.1.4-3.9

I side-stepped my 3.1.4 Amithlon setup and decided to use the 3.9 to 3.1.4 upgrade script from Aminet.

I followed the script (definitely don’t execute it on Amithlon) as you need to make sure the appropriate Amithlon files and startup-sequence commands are retained.   This provided me with my already configured 3.9, plus Boingbags 1 and 2, with all the updated/upgraded functions of 3.1.4.  New libraries, new devices, new drivers….new kickstart.   You will need that modified kickstart 3.1.4 (removed battmem.resource and battclock.resource), I had to copy the older printer.device (I’m using netprinter and that may have caused issued with the new one) and the same CacheCDFS system for the CD drive instead of the new CDFileSystem 3.1.4 has.

So far it’s running well, boots faster and I have so much less patching taking place as most of the patches aren’t needed.



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