Catweasel Mk4 PCI

Picking up a Catweasel Mk4 PCI card, hoping this will work well with Amithlon allowing me to read/write Amiga formatted floppies. The device allows reading/writing Amiga DD/HD, PC DD/HD and Mac formatted disk with a standard PC floppy drive.

The fun part…I’m out of PCI slots. So I need to see if my PCI-e to PCI adapter for my motherboard works or perhaps try a PCI-e network card in place of the PCI one I’m using.

This will be interesting….


The Catweasel is installed! Multidisk.device copied to devs: and I created two mountlist, one for Amiga DD disk and one for Amiga HD disk. Double clicked the DD one and then inserted an Amiga DD disk and its icon popped up on my Workbench. Double clicked it and it opened the contents of the disk. I removed the floppy and the disk icon went away……only to be replaced by that familiar Amiga disk drive clicking.

Any noclick tools work with multidisk.device? – Yes, the Multidisk prefs program from the Catweasel 2 software. ┬áNo click enabled….. no clicking. ┬áBonus, the Catweasel 2 software also included a patch for CrossDOSFileSystem that makes it work with multidisk.device and supports disk changes (no diskchange ph0: or ph1:).

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