Intel PRO-1000 PCIe card installed

Great news, the Intel PRO-1000 Desktop PCIe network card works with Amithlon, Kernel 4.  I pulled my PCI RTL8169 and installed the PCIe Intel Pro-1000 card.  I had already compiled the kernel with the Intel card embedded so booted my system and kept my fingers crossed hoping I’d have connectivity.  The system booted normally (a good sign as the Roadshow boot scripts should have slowed the boot process down as if it failed to connect) and I clicked the icon to launch the shortcut “mount” for my NAS storage box.  Both volumes popped up on my desktop….YES, We have success.  Another PCIe card we can use in Amithlon.  Overall this one seems to be substantially faster than the RTL8169 I was using (both are 10/100/1000 on a gigabit router).  Copying files from my NAS box, downloading files from the internet, all seemed to run faster.

Bad news, the ATI Radeon PCI card failed to work.  I tried 4 different cards with the same results.   I had planned to test both the ATI video and the Intel nic, luckily we have success with one.

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