Let’s see what 2018 brings….

Honestly there isn’t a lot I have going on with Amithlon (or Amiga) at this time.  I’m getting more involved in Lightwave 2018 (and 2015.3) these days but I’m hoping to do some more hardware testing this year if funds permit.  Still wanting to build up an i7 based system, just need to find (and purchase) the right motherboard/CPU and use the best combination of PCI and PCIe cards I’ve tested.

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  1. Johannes says:

    Hi! Thanks for doing this work. It’s a super interesting project! However, I’m confused about the status of Amithlon.. Is it alive or dead? From what I understand it was shutdown around 2001. It is still being developed (with new releases)? Is the core still proprietary? I’d love to help get it running on modern-ish laptops 🙂

    • SnkBitten says:

      Amithlon is dead as a project. Most of what I’ve done has been seeing what current hardware can run it well. I was talking with a Linux coder and we were looking at what would need to be done to reproduce Amithlon’s core aspect using a current Linux kernel as well as more current UAE code but he has become unavailable due to real life getting in the way. This blog is just there for those who are interested in Amithlon and getting it running as best as possible.

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