Nothing to update currently…..

Nothing really going on currently for me and Amithlon.  I’d like to continue testing new(er) hardware, perhaps an early i7 motherboard (ICH10R chipset) and maybe a PCIe Soundblaster type card…..   However that will all need to wait until I have some spare funds.

I’ve been busy lately playing with Lightwave 3d 2015 on my Win10 PC, so much that I have barely touched anything AmigaOS related (A4000T, WinUAE, Amithlon….).   I was a Lightwave fan back in the ’90s on my A2000 and A4000D Toaster setups and I was curious to see how Lightwave had evolved over the years.

Make sure to leave any comments or questions on any previous posts as I always try to answer any questions and assist.  Or add posts to the Google+ Group, maybe some of the other members have something to add.


A few of the animations I’ve done in Lightwave 3d 2015 using only Lightwave 3d features.  All models downloaded from online sources.  Trench run was an .lws (scene file) with X-Wing model added and time scale doubled.

Star Wars (Falcon run)

Star Wars Trench run

Star Trek

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