Rebuild has begun

My Amithlon system rebuild is underway, lots of little issues, mostly from me being disorganized with software scattered over many many unlabeled DVDR and CDR disc and starting around 10:30 pm and having to be up at 5:30am for work.    Old 3.5″ SATA drives removed (320 GB boot drive with a Win7 and a DOS partition with a boot menu to choose between the two) and an 80 GB drive that held AmigaOS.  In went two 2.5″ SATA drives (a 20 GB DOS boot drive and a 256 GB SSD drive for AmigaOS) and installation has reached booting Amithlon and 90% patched.  The 20 GB drive actually came out of an Xbox 360 when I upgraded it to a 250 GB drive.

I decided to rebuild because it’s been a while since I set this machine up and I’ve learned a few things about AmigaOS and Amithlon since that time and also after one of the Win7 updates Win7 stopped booting.  It was annoying having the boot menu for Amithlon or Win7 knowing Win7 didn’t boot (or run very well either…), I wanted a fresh clean install of Amithlon and I wanted to use the 256 GB SSD drive I had sitting on my desk.

I’ll continue, noting things I need to add to the installations guides that I had either left out or wasn’t an issue when installing under the Virtualbox environment which I had used to build the structure of the install guides.

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