Rebuild time…

After many different apps installed and removed, partitions created, deleted, recreated with different filesystems (pfs3 vs. ffs) my Amithlon machine started flaking out when writing to the IDE hard drive (500 GB).  Not completely unexpected, this hard drive had been heavily used and moved from PC to PC over the years, finally finding its way in to my Amithlon setup.

My system has a SATA drive as the boot drive and the IDE drive was for the AmigaOS side.  Using kernel 3.10, it couldn’t see the SATA drives installed and only presented the IDE Amiga drive in HDToolBox.  There was a second SATA drive installed that I had for testing kernel 4 so I decided to rebuild my system on kernel 4 this time.  I had specifically chosen the hardware inside so I don’t require any kernel drivers/modules….just Amiga drivers and OpenPCI drivers.  AHI has Emu10x drivers for my sound blaster, OpenPCI has a driver for my Realtek 8139 Ethernet card and of course the vide card drivers are built in the kernel (Nviidia fx5500).

So…fresh, clean install of Amithlon running off kernel 4, fully patched and configured (sound, USB, network, smbfs, Google drive/Dropbox).  Since I had to recreate the Picasso96Mode settings I grabbed SGrab off Aminet and made a few screenshots while writing up the process.  Picasso96Mode use is now added to part 2 of the Installation Guide.

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