Updated installation guides

I finally had some free time and started updating the installation guides.  They’ll be very similar (a lot of copy/paste) but restructured to make things flow better.  I will break up the guide a little more with ‘installing Amithlon’ and ‘patching Amithlon’ being the main guide and then supplemental guides for Audio, USB, Networking, etc..

Hopefully this will help people have Amithlon booting off their hard drive and running the latest patches before jumping in to changing out kernels and installing USB or AHI, etc.. while keeping the guides shorter to make them easier to reference just what’s needed.  I’ll also add setting it up in Virtualbox and the configuration needed for audio, usb and networking.

There have been some errors I’ve discovered in the current guides so those will be corrected as well as a few new things added I’ve found/learned/read over the last few years.

Hopefully I’ll have it ready in the not too distant future.


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