Working on a few updates

Current status is “work in progress” but we have patched Amithlon to remove the 4 MB limit on Matrox video cards.  Linux 2.4 Matrox framebuffer drivers had issues crossing a 4 MB barrier which results in Amithlon only seeing 4 MB on Matrox cards.  In testing with a  Two-headed 32 MB Matrox G550 PCI-e card, after the patch to Amithlon internal binaries we saw Matrox-1: at 16 MB and Matrox-2 at 4 MB.  This only works with Bernie’s new_emubox.gz kernel and Gary’s kernel 3.10.   Kernel 4 is incompatible with this mod and we are looking if any other incompatibilities are within Kernel 4.  With Kernel4 already requiring a switch from ram0 to ram1 in the init string, there may be some other issues undiscovered at this time.

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