Amithlon system reinstall

This weekend I formatted my system volume and installed Amithlon again.  Leaving all my other partitions alone provided access quickly to most of my installed software, just needed to spend time setting up my Workbench and patching/updating.  I also had a copy of my Sys: partition on my DATA: volume in a folder so I could easily pull patch files, libraries, review my startup-sequence, etc… as I was setting up my new install.

This time I skipped doing any Genesis install and I went straight for RoadShow for the TCP/IP stack.  Everything is mostly working, I have a few software packages to install but before I continue I may do another fresh install.  I want to get Amithlon installed, all the proper updates/patches (AOSXL_update1, Boing Bag2, AmithlonUpdate131) installed, USB and networking configured and Picasso96 installed and configured, then make a full backup of this configuration.  Experimental patches and software installs come later as this way I can have a full configured base system (AmigaOS and hardware) to restore if something happens and I can re-evaluate what additional patches and/or software to install from that base.

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