i686be-amithlon-ahiusr Audio working

Finally, i686be-amithlon-ahiusr.lha installed and functioning. I just wanted to get it working vs. the m68k-amigaos-ahiusr.lha version.   More of a challenge I guess since I kept hearing it was much more difficult to do than the 68k version.

Bernie stated there really isn’t much of a difference, the i686 will be ever so slightly faster, but use it for bragging rights or something    Faster because you are running x86 native code vs. m68k emulated code.

You need run_elf in your user-startup to let it interpret the x86 binary.

run <>NIL: run_elf GUARD PATCH

I’ll add the note to my guides and include run_elf 1.8c.tar.gz file.

You’ll need both run_elf and run_elf86 copied to C: or C:amithlonc/

After numerous attempts, finally finding the right components to make it work feels good.

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