I’m back

Amithlonblog is back!  It’s been a few months but hopefully it’s up for good now.  I still have some tweaking to do after importing the last backup I had from March 2019.   Site software is a newer version and I’m having a little difficulty getting the same look I previously had….plus trying to remember the previous look 🙂


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  1. Warren Vercueil says:

    I’m trying to get bars and pipes running on amithlon using poseidon USB camd midi class. I have to use Alfred Faust Version 1.29 as it allows for camd. I tried using many different USB midi interfaces. Many of them only received midi in data but failed to send midi out data. Then I bought a ESI MIDIMATE EX usb midi interface and it was able to send midi data out. It’s not perfect, it doesn’t send midi data to some channels. Channel 1,2,3,7,13 do not function. The other channel’s send out note on and off but don’t send any program change data. So one is stuck with only the first voice which is piano 1. Drums on channel 10 work perfectly.

    I think that the camd poseidon class is incorrectly programed. I’ve tried camd. Library version 37 and the open source version 40.5. It’s not the libraries so it has to be the camd midi class in poseidon. How can we get the class fixed? I would appreciate it very much.

    I have a dell C640 laptop which worked out of the box with kernel 3. I also have amithlon running in virtualbox on a Linux host. The same problem with the camd midi class exists on both installations. Aros has a source code development site

    Which includes the camd midi class source data for both AROS and amiga native code.

    Any suggestions on how to get this class repaired?


  2. Warren Vercueil says:

    Thanks for the wise reply Warren

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