Interesting….and VIRUS :)

I had been running Lightwave 3d on my Amithlon system and doing a short quick image render was fine, anytime I tried to render an animation after a reboot my system would fail to boot properly and I’d have to format Sys:, and copy over my backup of sys: volume.  This was quite annoying and I kept looking for the cause thinking it was Amithlon related.

Nope…..Virus related.  After reading a thread on EAB about viruses and what was the best utility I decided to install it and check out my Amithlon system.  Yep…..the Lightwave3d files were infected.  Whenever I launched Lightwave it would start infecting my system.  Checked the backup I had (I have quite a few)  that would never copy over properly and discovered it was infected as well.  VirusZ cleaned it all and I now check every download before installing/executing 🙂

I  haven’t played with Lightwave3d since discovering this so I need to give it a run again and produce something on an “Amiga” in Lightwave.   I’ve just been playing so much with Lightwave 2015/2018 on the PC it will be a “releaning” experience.   Most of the models I’ve been playing with are too large to load in to LW 5 unfortunately.

If you aren’t scanning your Amiga/Amithlon system for viruses, you might want to start.

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