Requesting some feedback please…

This goes out to those using and those who in the past used Amithlon….
Those who use it:
Why do you use it compared to MorphOS or AROS?
What do you like about it?
What do you feel is missing?
Those who stopped using it:
What issues did you have with it to stop using it?
Moved to another OS (MorphOS, AROS) and what did they offer over Amithlon?
It seems there are some common standouts:
1) Hard to find compatible (new) hardware
2) Difficult to install
3) Legality of using it
I’m a huge fan of Amithlon.  I love the way it works and how it feels like a real Amiga.  The direct communication between AmigaOS and the hardware does give it a different feel than WinUAE (love that too).   If it’s possible to move it forward, we’d like to get a feel for what people would be interested in.
Again, looking for input on what makes Amithlon standout for you and/or what makes Amithlon not desirable for you.
The more feedback we get the better we can focus our efforts…..
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