Not much to say…but here’s a new post!

I haven’t posted in a LONG time, honestly I haven’t spent any time in Amithlon or with AmigaOS for the last couple of years.  I’ve been playing in Lightwave 2015 on my PC during that that time trying to learn lighting, camera, movements and then adding in (compositing) lasers, explosions, etc…     I’ve also had some major personal life issues creep up and needing a lot more attention.

I am working on updated install guides that put everything in proper and full order which will hopefully make the install quicker and more complete.   The guides will also include installing in Virtualbox for those that just want to play and don’t have proper hardware.  You will not get accelerated graphics but sound, networking and USB should work.

My linux/coding partner has gone silent on the internet and emails so some of the updates we were working on have stagnated over the last couple of years.   Maybe I’ll get a response to release some of what he has hacked so others can complete it or take it farther.

Hoping early 2023 will have me posting more frequently and even better, having some new update or tweak available.

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