VirtualBox Issues

I recently made some changes to my system, I think I was playing around with the Linux shell inside Windows 10 and enabled a hypervisor feature that broke my virtualbox Amithlon systems from launching.  I also received a prompt that a newer version of Virtualbox (6.1) was available.  Updated VB and now my virtual Amithlon systems would start to launch, but completely hang initializing AmigaOS.   It was suggested to me to downgrade to VB 6.0.22 which put me right back where I started, my virtual Amithlon systems wouldn’t even launch.

A quick search on Google said that disabling the Hypervisorlaunchtype would do the trick so using an Administrative command prompt I ran  “bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off” and rebooted.   Presto, my virtual Amithlon systems functioned again.  I have no updated to VB 6.1 yet as this is working just fine.

My suggestion is to use VB 6.0.22 and make sure hypervisonlaunchtype is set to off.  I have just configured a new system and patched, now it’s installing the additional devices/drivers (USB and Audio).   I’ve already setup networking and have been pulling over files from my NAS box as needed.

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