My Amithlon Journey

I’ll post the journey I’ve had with Amithlon, from hardware I’ve used, installing issues and tweaks and eventually to compiling the kernel based on Milan’s “Kernel 4” tree.   Make sure to visit for downloads of patches, kernels and miscellaneous files.  Lots of internet searches and hardware experimenting to make your journey easier 🙂 – SnkBitten

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Not much to say…but here’s a new post!

I haven’t posted in a LONG time, honestly I haven’t spent any time in Amithlon or with AmigaOS for the last couple of years.  I’ve been playing in Lightwave 2015 on my PC during that that time trying to learn lighting, camera, movements and then adding in (compositing) lasers, explosions, etc…     I’ve also had some major personal life issues creep up and needing a lot more attention.

I am working on updated install guides that put everything in proper and full order which will hopefully make the install quicker and more complete.   The guides will also include installing in Virtualbox for those that just want to play and don’t have proper hardware.  You will not get accelerated graphics but sound, networking and USB should work.

My linux/coding partner has gone silent on the internet and emails so some of the updates we were working on have stagnated over the last couple of years.   Maybe I’ll get a response to release some of what he has hacked so others can complete it or take it farther.

Hoping early 2023 will have me posting more frequently and even better, having some new update or tweak available.

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VirtualBox Issues

I recently made some changes to my system, I think I was playing around with the Linux shell inside Windows 10 and enabled a hypervisor feature that broke my virtualbox Amithlon systems from launching.  I also received a prompt that a newer version of Virtualbox (6.1) was available.  Updated VB and now my virtual Amithlon systems would start to launch, but completely hang initializing AmigaOS.   It was suggested to me to downgrade to VB 6.0.22 which put me right back where I started, my virtual Amithlon systems wouldn’t even launch.

A quick search on Google said that disabling the Hypervisorlaunchtype would do the trick so using an Administrative command prompt I ran  “bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off” and rebooted.   Presto, my virtual Amithlon systems functioned again.  I have no updated to VB 6.1 yet as this is working just fine.

My suggestion is to use VB 6.0.22 and make sure hypervisonlaunchtype is set to off.  I have just configured a new system and patched, now it’s installing the additional devices/drivers (USB and Audio).   I’ve already setup networking and have been pulling over files from my NAS box as needed.

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AmiSSL 4.6 released with support for Amithlon

Great news, AmiSSL 4.6 was released with added support for Amithlon.  It is one of the options when installing so make sure you select it.

IBrowse 2.5.3 was also released with a few coding tricks to make it faster.

I’m still working on updated guides, this is going much slower than I expected as I haven’t had a lot of free time this year.  Fingers crossed I’ll get to dive in and wrap them up soon.

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Updated installation guides

I finally had some free time and started updating the installation guides.  They’ll be very similar (a lot of copy/paste) but restructured to make things flow better.  I will break up the guide a little more with ‘installing Amithlon’ and ‘patching Amithlon’ being the main guide and then supplemental guides for Audio, USB, Networking, etc..

Hopefully this will help people have Amithlon booting off their hard drive and running the latest patches before jumping in to changing out kernels and installing USB or AHI, etc.. while keeping the guides shorter to make them easier to reference just what’s needed.  I’ll also add setting it up in Virtualbox and the configuration needed for audio, usb and networking.

There have been some errors I’ve discovered in the current guides so those will be corrected as well as a few new things added I’ve found/learned/read over the last few years.

Hopefully I’ll have it ready in the not too distant future.


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Amithlon in Virtualbox

As I update my installation guides I’ll add details on setting Amithlon up in Oracle’s Virtualbox.  It’s very similar to setting it up on a PC, I actually wrote my guides originally while installing in Virtualbox, allowing me to take numerous screen captures.

I had issues over the last few years with new versions of Virtualbox not allowing the network stack to talk outside of itself.  After updating to the latest version and installing Roadshow with manual configurations for an IP on my LAN, I am successfully accessing the internet and local resources on my LAN through Amithlon running in Virtualbox.

I’d like to thank user mikk from the EAB forums for encouraging me to work on networking again.  Mikk was using the latest version and having success so that gave me a push to try again.  As stated above, I previously had internet functioning but after an update of Virtualbox my Amithlon system was unable to connect.   This lasted through a number of updates and I gave up on even attempting a network connection.

Windows 10 x64 with Virtualbox 6.0.14, Amithlon with standard updates and Roadshow 1.13.

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Time for an Installation Guide Revision/Update

I was working through my guides while installing Amithlon in Oracle’s Virtualbox.  Doing so showed me I needed to add quite a few more steps and do a bit of re-ordering of some steps.   I found myself jumping between the Installation Guide, Part 2 of it, the misc notes/information document and some of my own previous blog posts to get a nice standard base configuration.   I’ll try to spend some time during the upcoming holiday seasons to to a rewrite.  At the same time I’d like to rebuild my main system again.  It’s been awhile since installing and I’ve done so many changes I’m not sure what’s what anymore.  Kickstart, WB 3.9 +BB2 + WB3.1.4.1, etc..   Installed this, removed, installed that, removed and repeat numerous times.  I’ll have to take time to record a lot of my settings and configurations before doing that… first will come the revised installation guides.

I’ll probably combine all the install guides into one and keep the Kernel and related guides still separate.

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I’m back

Amithlonblog is back!  It’s been a few months but hopefully it’s up for good now.  I still have some tweaking to do after importing the last backup I had from March 2019.   Site software is a newer version and I’m having a little difficulty getting the same look I previously had….plus trying to remember the previous look 🙂


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SysSpeed Module

For those interested, I’ve created a .dat module for SysSpeed on my Amithlon system you can load in to SysSpeed v2.6 and compare against your system. I uploaded it to Aminet, here is the link to it..

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Lightwave rendering

Rendering a scene downloaded from on my Amithlon system. It’s by “Muadib” and he remodeled Sean Kennedy’s Viper MK2 model to work with the Amiga version of Lightwave, and setup a few scenes using the modified model as well as some of his own creations.

This is the scene “ViperMk2_Promo_Flyby.lws” which rendered with the configured scene settings, out to 24bit IFF files in around 5 hours on my Amithlon system. I then converted the frames on my PC from IFF to PNG and compiled them into an .mp4 video.


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Amithlon 3.1.4-3.9

I side-stepped my 3.1.4 Amithlon setup and decided to use the 3.9 to 3.1.4 upgrade script from Aminet.

I followed the script (definitely don’t execute it on Amithlon) as you need to make sure the appropriate Amithlon files and startup-sequence commands are retained.   This provided me with my already configured 3.9, plus Boingbags 1 and 2, with all the updated/upgraded functions of 3.1.4.  New libraries, new devices, new drivers….new kickstart.   You will need that modified kickstart 3.1.4 (removed battmem.resource and battclock.resource), I had to copy the older printer.device (I’m using netprinter and that may have caused issued with the new one) and the same CacheCDFS system for the CD drive instead of the new CDFileSystem 3.1.4 has.

So far it’s running well, boots faster and I have so much less patching taking place as most of the patches aren’t needed.



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